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The Solinox Factory

Technical Office and Manufacturing Workshop

Being customer oriented we are equipped with the latest software to enable us to deliver the best possible performance. This includes programs for the development of Estimates and Design, such as Autocad and Solidworks (specifically for 3D design), these being extremely useful for assembly operations.

Our manufacturing workshop occupies 1,200 m2 and comprises two separate areas: one for stainless steels and one for carbon steels.


  • A 300t 4.1 m bending machine with numerical control.
  • A 3.1 m cutter for shear thicknesses to 16 mm.
  • Geka punching machine for shearing, punching and forming of rims and profiles.
  • Rollers, 2.5 m width, thicknesses to 12 mm.
  • Column drills.
  • Tube bender using internal mandrel and axis programming.
  • Plasma.
  • 2 items of orbital welding equipment.
  • Welding machines: autogenous, DC electrical, high frequency TIG, MIG-MAG, etc.
  • Stores for tubing and accessories, iron and stainless steel.
  • And everything necessary for on-site working: modular cabins, electricity switchboards, work benches, cable systems, tool boxes, etc.